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Sixty Seconds To Save Your Relationship
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Unrestrained Straight Talk For The Time-Poor

After 20 years of counselling couples on the edge of a relationship breakdown, I’ve learnt a few things.

In fact, every chapter of this book is based on those lessons!

Most importantly, I’ve learnt that most of the habits that ultimately destroy relationships could have been nipped in the bud.

The people involved simply needed a quick metaphoric slap.

That is, they needed someone to tell them the brutal truth about their poor behaviour and the likely outcome of it if continued. 

If you’re struggling in your relationship and not sure why, this book is for you.

The 'Barefoot Investor' for relationship advice. A must read for anyone who wants to succeed in marriage.

Michael, 27

Worth the read.

Some hard pills to swallow, but humour eased the pain.

Sam, 36

As a young couple, we'd rather learn from other people's mistakes.

Magda, 24

Sixty Seconds is a breath of fresh air.

Jennifer, 48